Joys to my heart as I assist others during their aging transitions


  • While visiting one of my patients who was born in the 20’s I brought my ipod and downloaded music from that era. She listened with me and the look of her eyes looked like a vision of fond memories.
  • Christmas had come and the client could not be with their family. With the use of SKYPE I connected the client with those she loved…her children and grandchildren. Since they was living in Assisted living she was no longer able to participate in family gatherings. By connecting her with them through SKYPE she felt as if she were there.
  • My client was unable to physically get to the funeral of her mother-in-law. To make it possible. I attended the funeral and connected her to the funeral through SKYPE so she be at the funeral in a way that she could.
  •  I received a call  at 10 pm that a clients electric wheelchair was not working. I called the wheelchair person who said that he would be there the first thing in the morning. The wheelchair was fixed by 10 am the next morning
  • The family of this client lives out of town and the client needed to have her monthly team meeting with the facility care team. I flew to Southern California ( and continue to do so for the monthly meetings) and took notes for the family. There has been some meetings where I have conferenced the family in or texted them if a specific question came up at the meeting.  I emailed the family a report after the meeting.
  • Needing to  transition a client from home care to a facility, I traveled for 7 states and looked at 49 places for the client to find the best  place for his wife
  • Families are not always sure when it is time for Hospice, so I connect the with the resources to assist them in making that decision.
  • A client was being charged for hourly checks on their family member. The family did not believe that it was bring done. I paid a visit to the nursing home and discovered that the family was correct. The money paid for the extra patient checks on their loved one were reversed and the hourly patient checks were happening as the family had requested.
  • Client was going to do surgery. I connected with the doctors, hospital, social workers, admission and other staff and departments to make sure that when the family flew in all the logistic were handled and they could focus on their loved one.